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A white glove service for participating in the PKT Network!

PKT Pal makes it easy to participate in the PKT Network ecosystem. Select the product that is right for you and we do the rest! Whether you want to have a device in your home or office, or if want us to manage it on your behalf, PKT Pal has the solution that is best fit for you!

Hosted Device

The PKT Racks are the perfect monthly service for your busy lifestyle. We manage the server on your behalf and the PKT Cash arrives in your wallet daily.

Edge Device

Want to mine PKT from your home or office? The edge device is a plug & play unit that mines PKT with little to no technical skills.

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Starter PKT Rack

$ 250 / Per month
  • Hosted PKT Nodes provide you with a white-glove solution to a 8-core PKT server.


$ 3999 / Per month
  • The PKTEER PKT Rack comes equipped with a multi-core block server, co-located at a data center, which we optimize on your behalf.

Pro PKT Rack

$ 1499 / Per month
  • Hosted PKT Nodes provide you with a white-glove solution to a 48-core PKT server.


PKT Cloud

Intel Cascade Lake AP | Dual Core Xeon 9242 | 2.3 GHz max turbo 3.8Ghz | 96 Cores / 192 Threads | 384GB RAM

This is a server that you will remotely operate. PKT Pal will provide you SSH access to the server for the duration of your subscription.

A green way to mine!

It is a commercial imperative now to act sustainably and to support energy efficiency for proof of work mining infrastructure. PKT Pal is leading the way in offering Icelandic facilities that are operated on 100% geo-thermal renewable energy and adhere to the highest possible environmental standards.

Take $499 off if you pre-order the unit

PKT Node

The PKT Node is a hardware device that monetizes the Internet at your home or office.  The PKT Node is is a power-efficient passive cooling PC powered by the i7 Intel®

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chris barnes
chris barnes
March 31, 2021.
March 21, 2021.
Josh Berger has been exemplary, patient, and beyond resourceful walking us through PKT beyond expectations. Let's go! Gratefully, Preston Raisin
March 11, 2021.
Updated: From when I started about 6 weeks ago to today (3/11/21), these guys have really taken this to the next level. I've banked more than 2million PKT!!! I've just re-newed my subscription. Wanting to be ahead of the curve by the time PKT hits the market. Thanks Josh!

Download Wallet

Here at PKT Pal we always mine PKT into your own wallet. You own your private keys and we never skim off the top. To do so you need to download the wallet and send us your address.

Electrum Wallet

The PKT Electrum has a Graphical UI and supports Windows, Mac and Linux. This wallet does not support mining.

Command Line Wallet

You can also setup PKT Wallet which is command line only but has greater scalability and privacy features.

Pay your bills with PKT Pal

PKT Pal makes it easy to pay your bills with the PKT Pal application. First available to PKT Pal customers, you will be able to pay your bills with the PKT you earn.

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