What is PKT Cash?

PKT Cash is a cryptocurrency that is minted every 60 seconds and paid to people who are proving they have bandwidth and encrypting the PKT Network. This means that the Internet now pays you for connecting. PKT is the currency for bandwidth and is now trading on Bittrex Global (non-US) and Bitmart (Global/US).
PKT Pal - What is PKT Cash?

How do I earn PKT Cash?

You can earn PKT Cash when you plug your PKT Cube into your Internet at your home or office. The PKT Cube runs an algorithm called PacketCrypt that proves you have an Internet connection and pays you every 60 seconds.
PKT Pal Learn - How do I earn PKT Cash?
PKT Pal Learn - What makes PKT Cash unique?

What makes PKT Cash unique?

PKT Cash is the first coin that is generated by using bandwidth. Unlike other proof-of-work (PoW) or proof-of-stake (PoS) currencies, PKT Cash requires people to prove they have bandwidth to mint new coins. Additionally there was no pre-distribution of coins. Every community member has an equal opportunity to earn PKT Cash. And is required to provide infrastructure to the PKT Network in order to get paid The PKT Cube provides a plug & play solution for minting PKT Cash, which you can turn into your local currency at any time.

Can I do this anywhere in the world?

Yes. You can earn PKT anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. PKT Pal shipped globally and the algorithm works regardless of which country you live in. In fact there are currently people mining in over a dozen countries.
PKT Pal Learn - Can I do this anywhere in the world?
PKT Pal Learn - What can I use PKT Cash for?

What can I use PKT Cash for?

PKT Pal allows users to pay their bills with the PKT they earn. This means that pkteers can mine PKT from their internet and then pay their internet service provider with those same coins, as well as other utility and streaming services. This product will roll out in Q4 2021. Additionally there are numerous other use cases rolling out in the coming months such as VPN access and online shopping.

Why is the PKT Network paying you PKT Cash?

PKT Cash provides an economic incentive for people to contribute infrastructure to the Network. The more bandwidth people prove to be available, the bigger and more robust the PKT Network becomes. Eventually the available bandwidth will be able to be tokenized and you can start sharing your internet with their community. This allows each PKT Cube owner to become an Edge ISP and decentralize access to the internet to your local neighborhood.
PKT Pal Learn - Why is the PKT Network paying you PKT Cash?
PKT Pal Learn - How can I contribute to the PKT Network?

How can I contribute to the PKT Network?

You can contribute to the PKT Network by plugging a PKT Cube into your Internet. By proving you have unused internet to the PKT Network you are paid in PKT Cash, which you can turn into any currency of your choice.

Is it safe?

The PKT Network is end-to-end encrypted. In fact, part of the mining algorithm your PKT Cube is being paid to perform is encrypting the network. This means that the PKT Network is safer and more secure than your current internet. Other applications you might know that are end-to-end encrypted are WhatsApp and Signal Messenger. This encrypted network makes the internet safer for all.
PKT Pal Learn - Is it safe?
PKT Pal Learn - Who’s using my extra internet bandwidth?

Who’s using my extra internet bandwidth?

Initially no one is actually using your spare bandwidth, you are just proving you have bandwidth and encrypting traffic on the network. That is why it is called a Proof of Work (PoW). Later you will be able to enable your PKT Cube to do WiFi-Sharing, where you can resell your internet bandwidth to your local neighborhood, creating a local and global mesh network. This will be an additional revenue stream and is optional to enable.

Is this legal?

Using your internet is not illegal. There are many businesses such as airports, coffee shops, and stadiums, that share and even resell internet bandwidth. We encourage users to review their Internet Service Providers (ISP) terms of service and if they do not allow you to use your bandwidth for economic use then we recommend you upgrade to a business line or find a provider who will allow you to use the bandwidth you are paying for. PKT provides the economic incentive for people to upgrade their infrastructure and by doing so you are building the most powerful network built by the people, for the people.
PKT Pal Learn - Is this legal?
PKT Pal Learn - What the difference between Announcement Mining and Block Mining?

What the difference between Announcement Mining and Block Mining?

Announcement mining is uploading non-compressible data created by your device to the network, which proves you have bandwidth. Block mining is the downloading of those announcements and securing them into the blockchain. PKT Cubes are edge announcement miners to provide connectivity in your home or office. Block mining can only be done within a pool at the datacenter hosting the pool. At this time PKT Pal only enables Announcement Mining.

What pool am I mining into?

The PKT Cubes allow for users to do multi-pool mining. You do not need to bet on which pool is the best when you can earn from all of the pools. PKT Pal optimizes your mining to provide the best yields available on your equipment.
PKT Pal Learn - What can I use PKT Cash for?

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Very happy with the service and would recommend it for others going forward. The support from Routie and team has been top notch!


From when I started about 6 weeks ago to today (3/11/21), these guys have really taken this to the next level. I've banked more than 2million PKT!!!


Pktpal is a great service! Easy to use and profitable. This is a very exciting project to be a part of since it is helping build the infrastructure for a new secure internet


You must store your PKT Cash in a PKT Wallet.

The PKT Cube comes with a wallet. But if you would like additional wallets you may install them on your desktop.
PKT Pal Learn - You must store your PKT Cash in a PKT Wallet.




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