Our Mission

Connecting the World

PKT Pal is developing software and hardware solutions to scale internet access worldwide. Our mission is to help connect the unconnected and assist people to monetize the internet they already pay for.

Connecting the Unconnected

We are leveraging global open source technologies, such as PacketCrypt, mesh infrastructure technologies developed by PKT Pal, and are scaling high speed internet technology for underserved communities through public service grant programs (or their successors) such as:

PKT Pal Mission - Connecting the Unconnected
PKT Pal Mission - Connecting the Unconnected
PKT Pal Mission - The Future of Internet Sharing

The Future of Internet Sharing

PKT Pal supports a future where basic access to the internet is free. This is accomplished using WiFi-Sharing and VPN technology, as well as traditional, physical infrastructure deployments and mesh networking.

Our mesh infrastructure deployments are targeting affordable housing communities in the US as well as global participants operating cjdns and PacketCrypt open source software.

To learn more about the open source software technologies visit PKT Cash.